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The Design of the Body

BioEnergetic Assessment works with the design of the body to create health from the inside out.  The body is absolutely designed to heal if it has what it needs.  BioEnergetic Assessment is a way of tapping into the intelligence of the body to hear what it needs.  We know that the body heals the way it develops.  The video below helps us to understand the design of the body, how it developed, how it heals and how you can support your body for a lifetime.


Reversing the Dis-ease Process

Physical symptoms are the body’s cry for help.  When we learn to hear, listen and decipher the signals the body is sending us, we can reverse the dis-ease process.  If we ignore the messages the body is sending us there is a progression that the body goes through that results in illness and disease.  The video below describes the stages in this process and give us insight on how to reverse the process and reclaim health and wellness.


The Healing Template

The body heals from the inside out in the way that it developed.  The diagram below provides a template for healing. By focusing on the digestive, neuroendocrine and drainage systems first, we provide the body with the foundation for all healing.   In many cases, this is all it takes to reverse symptoms and reclaim our health.  If deeper healing is needed, we can identify and eliminate causative factors and repair cells that have been damaged or mutated.  Our goal it to move you through the healing process effectively and efficiently and get you into a health maintenance program.

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