Opening Channels Program


The Opening Channels Program is a unique combination of 7 products including homeopathic, botanical, and nutritional supplements designed to “set the stage” for healing by supporting the neuroendocrine, digestive and detoxification systems in the body.



The Opening Channels Program is designed to be the beginning foundation for support of any health condition in a compromised world.

It is designed to provide support for optimal body function.

With any condition, or health and weight goals, it is a new beginning and people are thinking about renewing their health commitments. What better way to be “out with the old” and “in with the new” than through at any time with the Opening Channels Program? This program may assist with mild cleansing and begin to prepare the body for further cleansing for the progression of any health goal. The combination of seven products in the Opening Channels Program provides the body with the nutrition and support which can open the pathways of elimination and assist the flow system of the body to function optimally. It is never too late to look at the basics and lay the foundation for healing. Take a look at this well-designed program and start refreshed with a proven staple that has benefited countless people for years!


ReHydration        HYRATE! Homeopathic for dehydration

SpectraMin        MINERALIZE!  Full-spectrum ionic trace minerals

Catalyst-7               – DIGEST!  Digestive enzymes

Flora Synergy         ABSORB!  Helpful pro-biotics for the gut

AminoGest             – REPAIR/ REBUILD/RESTORE!   Easily assimilated protein

Pure Body Clear     – DRAIN!  Herbal formula historically used for mild cleansing & repair

Colon Clear         – ELIMINATE! Herbal formula historically used to assist with elimination



Gentle Cleansing Detoxification Program

Preparation in addressing deep-cellular underlying causal detoxification


Seasonal cleanse pack 1-3 months, 6 months, annually etc.

Weight-loss program


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