Happy Clients

Bindu brings together an array of skills and experience that few can match. Her extensive background in life as a yoga teacher, expert in nutrition, coaching and various healing modalities makes her one of the finest practitioners I've ever worked with. Add to that her compassion, patience and excellent intuition and you have the ideal counselor/coach with many tools in her tool box. I can honestly say that if you are ready to heal and make changes in your life, and want a firm, focused and powerfully kind coach – look no further. Together you and Bindu will create an awesome healing journey!

Kate Solisti, Master Interspecies Communicator
Author of Conversations with Dog, Cat and Horse, The Holistic Animal Handbook and Kinship with Animals.
“I was intrigued by the concept of a counselor as opposed to a diet guru. I really liked having someone to support me, educate me, and help me tweak my diet to become healthy for me—for my body and tastes. My goal was to have more energy, sleep better and be more relaxed throughout my day. I absolutely have accomplished all of these and continue to eat well because I feel better.”

Polly Williams, Faber VA
“Highly enlightening!  I thought I simply lacked willpower.  I thought I knew what to eat and how; I just wasn’t doing that.  I was wrong.  Working with Bindu opened my eyes and gave me an entirely new outlook on food, and more importantly, the power of integrative nutrition.”

Wendy Watts, Amherst VA
Bindu is a teacher who teaches from her heart with great sensitivity towards her students. Her gentle, holistic approach nourishes the body and soul on every level.  Bindu's approach to yoga fit me perfectly and resulted in me incorporating a simple yoga routine into my everyday life. As a result of her teaching and inspiration, I have kept my body strong and supple, my mind more clear and focused for the past 10 years! I highly recommend Bindu!

Kate Solisti, Lyons CO
Author and Animal Communication Specialist,
Weight loss was easy for me until I hit my mid-30s. Six years of diet pill use and yo-yo dieting left my adrenal glands exhausted. It seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn't lose weight. But after six months of following her instructions, I am feeling fantastic! No more 3 pm energy crashes. I've lost weight. I sleep great and actually FEEL like I've slept when I wake up. I am so happy Bindu found and treated the CAUSE of my problem instead of merely treating my symptoms. She truly gave me my life back.

Amy Carroll, Green Creek NC
Bindu was pivotal in changing the way I eat by having me complete a metabolic profile. She was able to help me find memories in my past that have been affecting me on many levels for all of my life. I am healing, and 3 sessions with Bindu have allowed me to heal like no amount of therapy has!

Barb Brandt, Dallas TX
I make more progress in a couple of hours with Bindu than I would in months of therapy. In my work with Bindu, I had a dramatic reduction in fear, anxiety, and stress, improved sleep and enhanced physical health. My relationships with my husband and daughter greatly improved because I am more "present" and not "checking out" of life and immersing myself in distractions from the fear and anxiety. It is amazing no matter what new ailment I bring to the conversation, she quickly finds the root of the pain and gives me the tools to deal with it. I believe that Bindu Johnson was sent to me to help me just when I needed her most.

Dawn Tasher, Marietta CA
Faced with a lack of fulfillment in my life, I reached out to Bindu. Our regular sessions have helped me see the many gifts I possess, offer, and have received. Our time together brings balance, direction, and insight into my life.

David Altman, NYC NY
“When I began working with Bindu, I wasn't sure if our working together could really change the chronic illness I was diagnosed with. After just a few sessions I realized that this was not only going to positively impact my illness, but would be life- changing. I'm feeling a positive shift in my general well-being, overall physical, spiritual and mental health. I appreciate what my doctors do for me but feel strongly that Bindu is the only one looking at me as a person not a disease.”

Kim Lovius, Alexandra VA